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1. Full Essay Review

2. Targets For Improvement

3. Guidelines For A Better Application

4. Spelling and Grammatical Checks

5. Detailed Notes On Each Section Of Your Application

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You’ve arrived here because you need reassurance and a personal review of one of the most important applications of your life.  

Rose Kenny is a trained Ivy League admissions reader. Chris Kenny is an experienced private school English teacher. 

Let us advise you on your college application to improve your chances of acceptance!

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Why Admissions Reader?

Rose and Chris are married and reside in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They are dedicated rock climbers and professionals interested in providing an important service to those applying to college. Chris currently works as an English teacher at a private boarding school, and Rose currently works in medical education. Together their goal is to help college bound students make a great impression and stand out in any admissions pool. 

Rose Kenny is a certified K-12 Guidance Counselor.  She possesses a M.Ed. in Counseling, graduating summa cum laude, and she also worked professionally at an Ivy League college for five years.  Rose has read and offered assessments on thousands of undergraduate applications to Dartmouth College.  She is also a nationally sponsored rock climber representing Evolv shoes and has been rock climbing for 12 years.

Chris Kenny has taught English at a private boarding school for over 14 years.  He earned his M.A. in Literature and possesses a Wilderness First Responder certification which he has held for the past 11 years.  He is an accomplished athlete pursuing rock climbing, running and skiing.

Above all, Rose and Chris are passionate people and are sincerely interested in helping you succeed!  Together they provide their clients with qualified and proven experience. 


From state college to the Ivy League, we will help you achieve acceptance to your preferred college. Contact Rose and Chris Kenny by clicking the apply button found on the lefthand side of the screen.


Email Rose and Chris at: AdmissionsReader@gmail.com and like us on Facebook!

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.  If you have a general question, or if you are curious about our approach, please reach out!  We are interested in working with you.   

It's Affordable:

Select from three options:

$25.00 for college essay editing and online review by both Chris and Rose 

$25.00 for a 30 minute advisory session with Rose on where to start and what to do next

$50.00 for a review of your entire college application with notes and suggestions on each section including an evaluative impression of your application, complete editing of your college essay and a final 20 minute advisory session with Rose.  This price point also includes a review of your short answer essay and additional documents.  Additional documents can include your grades, reference letters and resume.  

*Turn around time is a maximum of three business days via the email address you've provided. 


"I had Rose Kenny read my college essays that I sent to the colleges that I was applying to. She read one that I sent specifically to my top choice school and one that I sent to the rest of my schools, and her feedback was amazing. I had good essays, but there were definitely some things that could be fixed, and she made them sound much more sophisticated. She increased the quality of the vocabulary and reworded some areas to make them sound more intelligent. When she emailed me back with her improved copies, I could not believe how wonderful both of the essays sounded. They were remarkable, sounding sophisticated and clean cut while still maintaining the emotion that I wanted to convey through them. Having Mrs. Kenny edit my essays was one of the best choices that I could have made. I believe it contributed to my successful application and acceptance to my top school choice."- A happy 17 year old!